SVCC Canoe Trip Recap

The SVCC hosted a canoe trip on Saturday June 17th, in partnership with The River’s Path. We floated four miles, starting our journey where Highway 66 crosses the St. Vrain Creek, between Mead and Platteville. Our group of water-interested individuals wanted to observe the river from a new perspective and to evaluate the environmental status of this reach, which is normally too remote to access by foot. It was on the winding turns of our meandering river that we communicated with citizens of the watershed and explained some of the environmental hazards that are still in need of remediation.

Members of the SVCC Board of Directors and other involved citizens took time to discuss important topics along the way. Our Watershed Coordinator, Cecily Mui, shared her expertise in invasive species and noxious weeds, while Board member Barbara Luneau led a fascinating discussion on the geologic history of the Rocky Mountain Front Range and the environmental concerns of the local energy and agricultural businesses. The trip also provided a perfect opportunity to discuss the history of the Saint Vrain Creek and its complex water rights.

Everyone stayed dry for the most part, with only one canoe taking a quick turnover. Its captain, Bo, SVCC Board Secretary and neighbor in the watershed is an experienced outdoorsman and handled it as a happy surprise and a good chance to cool off.

It was a great day of learning on the river, discussing our community’s history and future with new and old friends. The weather held up and we had plenty of sun to enjoy along the banks as we dug into a fantastic lunch very graciously donated by our local King Soopers and Great Harvest Bread Company.

The guides from The Rivers Path encouraged the group to nurture our relationship with the creek we are dedicated to restoring. We appreciate their knowledge of and care for the Saint Vrain, as well as their enthusiasm to share their love of this special resource with others. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this very special trip and to our generous sponsors!