Reach 5 Project

Reach 5, located on the North St. Vrain, begins at the northern limits of the Apple Valley neighborhood (at 36 and Rainbow Bridge) and goes upstream to Button Rock Reservoir. This reach is an important contributing area that affects flooding in the Town of Lyons. The September 2013  flooding event damaged Longmont Dam Road, thus affecting the North St. Vrain channel. Additionally, several road crossings within this reach were affected by floodwaters and debris.

North St. Vrain (NSV) Creek Restoration Phase 2
The City of Longmont is sponsoring a flood recovery project within Button Rock Preserve. The design phase was completed in September 2016 by Blue Earth Solutions and Alo Terra Restoration Services. This project is the second phase of the North Saint Vrain Creek Collaborative Restoration Project, which is located downstream and was recently completed by Boulder County. Phase 2 is being funded from a variety of sources which include CDBG-DR Round 1 Watershed Resilience Pilot Program, Trout Unlimited donations, and funding from the City of Longmont. Initial 30% designs have been complete.

The SVCC provided comments to the City of Longmont at their initial design plan stage, after attending a site visit to learn more about the intentions about the project. That letter can be found here. The SVCC will be providing a comment on the 30% design in October 2016.

North Saint Vrain Creek Collaborative Restoration Project (Phase I) and Longmont Dam Road Reconstruction – Completed
The North Saint Vrain Creek Collaborative Restoration Project, sponsored by Boulder County, focused on stabilizing the creek below Button Rock Dam and improving the aquatic environment by creating a low flow channel and wetland bench. The project was funded by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) and was completed in May 2016. Congratulations to Boulder County and the City of Longmont. 

The project was conducted in conjunction with the Longmont Dam Road Reconstruction Project, which helped to make efficient use of funds available for both projects. This project was completed in summer 2016.