Lyons Eastern Corridor Design Project (McConnell to 36) – 12/15 Meeting Recap


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Lyons Eastern Corridor Flood Recovery Design Project meeting! We had a great turnout with a lot of interest in the project. We appreciated all of the valuable input that meeting participants provided for us on our comment forms and maps.

For those who could not attend the meeting, but would like more information, you can find the meeting presentation and related documents below:

  1. Presentation
  2. Background information
  3. NRCS EWP Landowner Handout

Please feel free to submit any comments you might have about the project to us anytime via our online comment form, which can be found on the main Lyons Eastern Corridor project page. The project page will also be the best way for you to get regular updates on the project, as they come up. The type of input we are interested in includes:

  • Information on your interests in the area
  • Your concerns
  • Historical information – location and history of structures in the reach, background information that may help engineers, etc.
  • Current and future plans
  • Buried utilities information
  • Any in-kind match ideas!

As was explained during the public meeting, to┬áprevent any confusion,┬áthe project area name has been changed to the Lyons Eastern Corridor Design Project, because “McConnell to 36” does not accurately describe the project area. Due to other projects taking place directly upstream of this one, our project area has been modified to start below the Highland Diversion and go downstream to Highway 36. The current maps that are shown below and on our project page reflect the original project area, which was identified by the NRCS EWP team. Read more about that process here.

Thanks for your input and interest in this project!