Erika Shioya, Acting Watershed Coordinator
Erika is the Assistant Watershed Coordinator for the Saint Vrain Creek Coalition. She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of California at Berkeley in Genetics and Plant Biology. Most recently, Erika spent five years as the Communications Coordinator for the Colorado Watershed Assembly (CWA), a nonprofit supporting watershed coalitions throughout the state of Colorado. She was in that particular role during the 2013 floods and was inspired by the way the affected communities quickly rallied together to support those in need.

Service to others has always been of particular importance to Erika, and she has volunteered for numerous nonprofit organizations including the Center for Native Ecosystems, The Park People, and TRU Community Care. She is excited to be working in a capacity where she can directly support the interests of those in her very own watershed.

Dylan Helt, SVCC Intern
Dylan is the college intern for the Saint Vrain Creek Coalition. He has recently finished his education at the University of Colorado at Boulder where he studied Geology and Environmental Biology. Dylan’s experience in science and education began as the lead intern at the Outdoor Educational Laboratory School as part of the Jefferson County School District. There, he learned the importance of stewardship for our great state and community service for our neighbors. Further experience has been found working for local restaurants and ice cream shops where customer service has been a constant goal. Dylan is a third generation native Coloradan who is passionate about hiking 14er’s and spending Sundays watching Broncos games with his family.

The Saint Vrain Creek Coalition called to him as a working environment geared for results and friendly service to our community. He is excited to contribute in every way possible to ensure the damages of the 2013 flood are only remembered in family stories.

Dylan hopes to continue assisting efforts in remediation now that he is graduated. He is particularly interested in geochemistry and geomicrobiology. It is his dream to cure the Rocky Mountains of damaging acid mine drainage generated by abandoned mines of Colorado’s history. Dylan hopes that when his job is done in remediation he might retire to owning an ice cream shop where he could continue bringing smiles to his community.