Cecily photoCecily Mui, Watershed Coordinator
Cecily’s career in land management began at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she obtained Bachelor degrees in both Wildlife Ecology and Agricultural Education.  There she discovered a passion for restoration while taking classes and volunteering at the Arboretum where conservationist Aldo Leopold led an effort to re-establish native plant communities and introduced the concept of ecological restoration.  After completing her Peace Corps-Master’s degree in Wildlife Biology at Colorado State University, she went on to environmental consulting, restoration projects, natural areas land management, public outreach, volunteer coordination, and program development.

While working as the Resource Specialist and Land Manager at South Platte Park in Littleton, Colorado, Cecily led a stream restoration project on the South Platte River that educated both the public and elected officials on its degraded condition.  Through her collaborative leadership style, funding and support were obtained for a river restoration master plan and a series of demonstration projects.  Cecily is inspired and motivated by all the community focused recovery efforts that create opportunities to enhance flood resiliency, ecological functions, resource development, and improved quality of life.

Erika Shioya, Assistant Watershed Coordinator
Erika is the Assistant Watershed Coordinator for the Saint Vrain Creek Coalition. She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of California at Berkeley in Genetics and Plant Biology. Most recently, Erika spent five years as the Communications Coordinator for the Colorado Watershed Assembly (CWA), a nonprofit supporting watershed coalitions throughout the state of Colorado. She was in that particular role during the 2013 floods and was inspired by the way the affected communities quickly rallied together to support those in need.

Service to others has always been of particular importance to Erika, and she has volunteered for numerous nonprofit organizations including the Center for Native Ecosystems, The Park People, and TRU Community Care. She is excited to be working in a capacity where she can directly support the interests of those in her very own watershed.